In Olón, there are several options for a guided tour on horseback...

...or ride freely wherever you want to go!

Take a few well-fed and small - but very strong - horses into the forested Hills around Olón, and experience some time away from the modern world! Go Horseback riding, the lush tropical forest has many roads to explore, crossing over hills and through valleys. Take the horses with or without a Guide and find some of the tiny towns in the valleys inland, or seek out the waterfalls (most spectacular in the rainy season!) by following the riverbed.

In weekdays, you can even take the horses to the beach! Enjoy a ride along Olón's beautiful 8 kilometers (almost 6 miles) of wide, sandy beach. Go Horseback riding and pass the towns of Olón, Curia, San José, Las Nuñez and La Entrada. You will surely see a wide variety of sealife and birds from the back of your horse! We recommend taking a break in La Entrada, where the famous "Dulces de Benito" serves decent coffee and drink to accompany their delicious grand selection of brownies, cakes and other desserts!

Rincón d'Olón can arrange horses and a tourguide for you, just send us a message to make your reservation!

Rincón d'Olón puede encargarse de encontrar un Caballo (con Guía) ideal para usted! Envíenos un mensaje para hacer su reserva con tiempo!

Otros lugares cerca a Olón, Ecuador incluyen:

Oloncito, Playa de Olón & Ventura Resort (Urbanizations)

Sanctuario de Olón
Iglesia & Huerfanato

Cascadas de Olón
En la temporada de Lluvias

Cascadas de Dos Mangas
Todo el Año

Dos Mangas Reserva Natcional

La Cura de Santa Maria del Fiat

Colegio Agricultural de Olón