Rincón d'Olón has affordable bikes for rent..

...they're yours for the day for just $7!

We provide 2 City-Bikes - "Fixies" with "coaster brakes" - for FREE! Want a Mountain Bike instead?
They come with plenty of gears and hand-brakes! Yours for just $7 per 24 hours, or $5 for up to 4 hours!

Take a bike-ride into the lush green hillsides around Olón, experience some time away from the modern world!

There are many roads to explore, crossing over hills and through valleys and find some of the tiny towns inland. Seek out the waterfalls - mostly in the rainy season - by following the riverbed once you reach the forest. We at Rincón d'Olón can also arrange additional bikes and a tour-guide for you, just send us a message to make a reservation!

Other locations near Olón include:

Oloncito, Olón Beach & Ventura Resort (Urbanizations)

Sanctuario de Olón
Church and Boarding School located on top of the famous Montañita rock

Cascadas de Olón
In the rainy season

Cascadas de Dos Mangas
All year long

Dos Mangas Nature Reserve

La Cura de Santa Maria del Fiat
Boarding School that sells Cured Meats & Pastries

Colegio Agricultural de Olón
High-school that grows a nice variety of traditional and local plants