Near Olón, you can find the splendid Horse-shoe Bay of Los Frailes...

...combine it with a cultural trip to Aguas Blancas, if you like!

At about 45 minutes distance from Olón if you let us drive you there in our 2016 vehicle, or 1 to 1,5 hours by bus, you can find one of the most beautiful unspoiled horse-shoe beaches of Ecuador: Los Frailes! Being part of the Machalilla National Park, entrance is free but only allowed from 9am to 4pm. The completely natural reserve harbors a huge variety of tiny little birds in a very typical dry-forest that only blooms a month or two per year. In that period, you can also see swarms and swarms of colorful butterflies everywhere!

The fantastic views of the sheltered bay make for some perfect holiday pictures! The nice 'surf' of the waves breaking on the beach are a great way to cool down, and there is almost always a nice breeze coming from the sea! Be careful tho, you will surely need a lot of sunscreen here...

Aguas Blancas is a historical site, with a small museum, guided tours for cultural and bird-watching, in the middle of the dry forest. Just once a year, the entire region is completely green, which is enough for thousands of birds to stay here all year waiting for the rain! Inside the Aguas Blancas complex, you can find some touristic facilities as well, such as natural bud-baths that are supposedly very good for your skin! The mud is for sale too, at a low cost, so make sure not to miss this opportunity!

Rincón d'Olón can arrange transport and a tourguide for you, just send us a message to make your reservation!

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