There are many tour operators in and around Olón and Montañita, Ecuador!
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Activities in Olón include:

Whale Watching (July-October)

Dolphin Encounters (Any time of year)

Visits to the famous and picturesque 'Los Frailes' Bay

Tours to Cultural and Historical Sites
such as Valdivia and Aguas Blancas with it's incredibly dry forests, which are populated by huge quantities of little birds.

Visits to the 'Isla de la Plata'
Or 'Silver Island' which is also referred to as 'poor-man's Galapagos', you can find wildlife here that only exists on the Galapagos Islands, and save yourself a flight....

Snorkelling, Scuba-diving, Jet-ski rental & other Water-sports

Surfing & Surf Lessons

Spanish Classes & Courses

& more!

Other locations near Olón include:

Oloncito, Olón Beach & Ventura Resort (Urbanizations)

Sanctuario de Olón
Church and Boarding School located on top of the famous Montañita rock

Cascadas de Olón
In the rainy season

Cascadas de Dos Mangas
All year long

Dos Mangas Nature Reserve

La Cura de Santa Maria del Fiat
Boarding School that sells Cured Meats & Pastries

Colegio Agricultural de Olón
High-school that grows a nice variety of traditional and local plants

The Machala Reserve Forest streches out into the distant hills... With lots of local plants and trees, partly from ancient abandoned Haciendas, such as Caña Brava, Guayacán, Cedro Cubano, Mango, Coffee, Cacao and more! In the Reserve, which starts near Olón and runs all the way to the north of Puerto Lopez and Agua Blanca, you can encounter a large variety of wildlife including howler monkeys & many, many birds, including a great variety of Colibris and Parakeets!