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  • Cuba: Google Activates Line of Caching Servers April 30, 2017
    INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK Google activates company’s first servers in Cuba The servers will only speed up access for existing users, but can internet-based programs like this eventually lead to greater freedoms for Cuban citizens? Weston Williams/ On Thursday, Google activated a line of caching servers in Cuba, becoming the first […]
  • Heritage of Eating Insects in Mexico April 30, 2017
    INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK Whitney Eulich/ / Mexican chefs are embracing entomophagy, or bug eating, amid heightened interest in their country’s heritage. But the high-protein, low-impact cuisine could have lessons for the rest of the world, as well…….. The Mesoamerican diet has long included hundreds of species of insects. Although many […]
  • Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Owner of farm, expats victims of home invasion (updated) April 30, 2017
    Breaking News, Developing Story (updated April 30th, 2017) Unnamed Source: Latin America Current Events believes the source of this information as reliable. However, the information has not been corroborated by a second source. During the early morning hours (reported possibly between 4-5 AM) on April 28, 2017, approximately fifteen to twenty minutes (12 or 14 […]
  • Quito Ecuador: Missing Youth’s Cellphone found in building April 29, 2017
    The cell phone of the missing youth in Quito was found in a business reported the journey Isabel Limones has made to find her son Anthony Zambrano has become eternal. The streets of Quito became the platform to make known his desperation for the disappearance on April 24. Limones undertook a campaign, both to […]
  • Ecuador: Coastal Alert for high waves, riptides through April 30th, 2017 April 28, 2017 (machine translated) Since Wednesday the country is in conditions of maximum water, according to the Oceanographic Institute of the Navy (Inocar). This will be maintained until April 30. And it coincides, from today until May 2, with a period of waves that causes waves between 1.5 m in height and 2.5 m. Those who […]
  • Ecuador: Police Issue Alert For Children Regarding Blue Whale Game April 28, 2017
    ELUNIVERSO.COM (machine translated) reported the Ecuadorian Police last night launched a campaign aimed at parents to prevent their children and teenagers from falling into what is known as the ‘Blue Whale’ game. “Remember that your life is not a game.” #NoJuegoLaBallenaAzul. “Speak,” wrote the police, hanging a warning in which he asks the parents to […]
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador: Three Murders Recorded In Less Than 24 Hours April 28, 2017 (machine translated) reported a 30-year-old man was shot in the outside of a downtown nightclub. Álex Vanegas The detonations of a gun interrupted the sleep, the dawn of yesterday, of the residents of the street of Lorenzo de Garaycoa between General Gómez and Portete. From the window, a neighbor watched a man lying on […]
  • Ecuador: Train to Ibarra adjusts route due to track damage from rains April 28, 2017
    ECUADOR TOURIST TRAIN RAILROAD TRACK DAMAGED BY RAINS reported that the railroad line from Otavalo to Ibarra has been damaged due to heavy rain last week. Ground areas and a sewer line underneath the rail line collapsed. This has caused tourist operations to take passengers by bus from Otavalo to the San Roque station. […]
  • Montañita Ecuador: Third Suspect in Murder of tourists ordered to remain in custody for trial April 27, 2017
    ELCOMERCIO.COM REPORTED (MACHINE TRANSLATED) A court in the province of Santa Elena ratified the pre-trial detention order for Juan Carlos P., on April 26, 2017, charged for the murder of Argentinean citizens Marina Menegazzo and María José Coni, reported the Attorney General’s Office ). The court dismissed an appeal from the defendant, whose arrest, on […]
  • Two Quakes Shake Esmeraldas Ecuador April 27, 2017
    Two earthquakes were felt in the city of Esmeraldas this Thursday, April 27, 2017 ELCOMERCIO.COM / The inhabitants of the city of Esmeraldas were scared with two tremors recorded the morning of this Thursday, April 27, 2017. The earthquakes reached magnitudes of 4 and 3.7 degrees on the Richter scale. The first epicenter was at […]
  • How Ecuador may follow Venezuela over the cliff, an expats viewpoint April 25, 2017 / Nick Vasey – (Opinion) Ecuador-death-by-government/ – one long-term resident’s personal evidential account of how Ecuador is likely following Venezuela over the cliff … and why Correa’s “robolucion” must be outed as the epic failure and corrupt rort it really is. There is always something awful and tragic about watching a perfectly good ship […]
  • Paraguay: Major Heist of Security Firm, nets millions of dollars April 25, 2017
    (CNN)Dozens of gunmen detonated explosives and set vehicles on fire as they stormed a private security firm in Paraguay, taking millions of dollars and sparking a violent police chase into Brazil. More than 50 people carrying large caliber weapons, dynamite and caltrops took part in what authorities are calling the “robbery of the century.” The […]
  • Ecuador: A year after a devastating Earthquake April 25, 2017
    International Fund for Agricultural Development/ Thousands of buildings including this one in Portoviejo, Ecuador, were destroyed in the April 2016 earthquake. The IFAD-supported Buen Vivir Rural Pogramme, run by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAGAP), had been operating in Manabí since 2013. Shortly after the earthquake, farmers in the area were […]
  • Olimpo Cárdenas, Bolero Singer from Ecuador April 24, 2017
    Without doubt the most famous singer and performer from Ecuador and known worldwide is Julio Jaramillo. However, there are some who argue that Olimpo Cárdenas may have been the better singer despite not reaching international stardom. Olimpo Cárdenas (1919, Vinces – 1991) was an Ecuadorean singer. He toured Colombia a great deal, giving concerts in […]
  • Ecuador will not disappear because of earthquakes but by bad governments (prophecy) April 24, 2017
    Ecuador no desaparecerá por los terremotos sino por los malos gobiernos. Ecuador will not disappear because of earthquakes but, by bad governments A phrase and or prophecy that runs deep in the culture of Ecuador and is often credited to Santa Mariana de Jesús. Saint Mariana of Jesus de Paredes, O.F.S. (Spanish: Mariana or María […]