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  • Cuenca Ecuador: Video of Motorcyclists Assaulting, Robbing Pedestrians August 19, 2017
    1. in #Cuenca video reveals how they operate criminals on a motorcycle in the Totoracocha sector. #MercurioEc | IVM 1. En #Cuenca video revela como operan delincuentes en moto en el sector de Totoracocha. #MercurioEc @mercurioec @tomebamba — Ivan Velesaca (@cronicacuenca) August 18, 2017 SAFETY, SECURITY, HEALTH IN ECUADOR – THIS BOOK IS A […]
  • Petroecuador claims no gas shortage despite rumors on social media August 18, 2017
    Despite saying no gas shortage, petroecuador leaves open possiblity of shutdown of one of the country’s refineries (machine translated Petroecuador says there will be no gas shortage The company denies a future without fuel, but leaves open the possibility of a planned stoppage in one of its three refineries. Although the statement is clear, […]
  • Sao Paulo Brazil: Video of Cell Phone Theft on streets August 17, 2017
  • Ecuador: Real Estate Tours in Southern Ecuador August 17, 2017
    Welcome to the Southern Ecuador Real Estate Tour! Is Ecuador on your radar as a place to live, invest, or purchase a second home? Whether you are looking for a healthier more tranquil lifestyle, to be closer to your food and water supply, or for the next hot South American investment opportunity – Ecuador has […]
  • Ecuador: Full Real Estate Services, Abundant Living Ecuador August 17, 2017
    About Us Abundant Living Ecuador offers an unparalleled, full service, real estate, and relocation experience. We provide a transparent, standardized, market clearing mechanism for real estate in Southern Ecuador and facilitate a smooth transition for those relocating. Prior to Abundant Living Ecuador, the process for buying and selling real estate in Southern Ecuador was unwieldy […]
  • Ecuador: Experienced and Professional Relocation Services August 17, 2017
    Moving to Ecuador? There are a lot of amazing reasons to do so! But have you thought about the logistics? How will you find temporary housing? Open bank accounts? Get a visa? Obtain your drivers license? Do you know the requirements and how to fulfill them? Are you prepared with what you need to bring? […]
  • Ecuador: Graphic Video of Knife Wielding Bus Robbers August 17, 2017
    #URGENTE | #COMPARTE TO BE CAPTURED STRONGLY ARMED CRIME ROBANS TO PASSENGERS OF THE CITIM COOP IN THE VIA MILAGRO-GUAYAQUIL Moments of terror lived the passengers of the bus of the coop. #Citim when heavily armed criminals untied them. The unit covered the route #Milagro – #Guayaquil. The National Police dismantled a band that operated […]
  • Venezuela: Military Base Attacked by Civilians, weapons stolen August 15, 2017 = The attack targeting the Paramacay military base in Venezuela was carried out by a group of civilians, the country’s Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said Sunday. Earlier in the day, media reported that a group of people wearing military uniform attacked the military base. Vice President of the Venezuelan ruling United Socialist Party […]
  • Collapse of Venezuela and Impact on the Region (Analysis) August 15, 2017
    The Collapse of Venezuela and Its Impact on the Region Dr. R. Evan Ellis / Interediate / Advanced Spanish Vocabulary – get the book In May 2017, as the number killed during pro - tests against the regime of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela climbed toward 40, and with more than 130 injured and over […]
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador: Ambulance carrynig three victims of accident, hit by another vehicle August 15, 2017
    AMBULANCE CARRYING THREE PEOPLE INJURED WAS HIT BY ANOTHER VEHICLE ELUNIVERSO.COM – The ambulance moved a woman and her 2 daughters who had been injured in a traffic accident occurred shortly before in Loja and Córdoba streets. (I) An ambulance carrying three people injured, who had suffered a traffic accident moments before, was struck this […]
  • Sangay National Park, Ecuador: Six Hikers Missing August 14, 2017 / Search and rescue teams are looking for six hikers who have not been heard from in nearly a week.  They are believed to be somewhere in Sangay National Park. Specifically they were to be in the area known as Laguna Negra de Palitahua. Last contact with the group was on August 8.  Several […]
  • Son of Venezuelan President threatens to seize White House August 14, 2017
    ( )Nicolás Maduro Guerra, the son of the Venezuelan President, is threatening to seize the White House with rifles if President Donald Trump sends the US military to his nation.  The White House has condemned President Nicolás Maduro’s regime for human rights abuses. More than 120 people have died in anti-government protests since April. Read […]
  • Two Murders in Two Days in Portoviejo, Manabi Ecuador August 14, 2017
    PORTOVIEJO. The body of the victim, who was 50 years old. With at least three shots, two of those visible in the head, Jimmy León Zambrano, 50, was killed yesterday morning in the sector of the Santa Cruz bridge in the capital of Manabi. Staff from specialized police units, such as the Dinased, were […]
  • Oyacoto, Quito, Ecuador: Another Bus Accident injures at least six August 14, 2017
    At least six injured after Oyacoto toll accident (machine translated) QUITO. In the zone of the toll of Oyacoto an accident was recorded today that was attended immediately by the firemen of the city. (Twitter Bomberos Quito) Enlarge QUITO. In the Oyacoto toll sector, five people were injured after the vehicle collision between two […]
  • 353 Ankle Bracelets in Use for monitoring criminal defendants in Ecuador August 14, 2017
    The use of the apparatus depends on the penitentiary regime of the accused and the type of trial and sentence issued by the judge. Writing Justice Andrés (protected name), 18, 20 days ago had problems with justice and the judge, as a precautionary measure, ordered the young man to use an electronic device of free […]