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  • Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Argentine Artist Allegedly Murdered by Irishman April 24, 2018
    This is a developing story: The following information was forwarded to by an anonoymous source. (non-edited) “As reported today in FB Vilcabamba Community. Alejandro Francia was an young Argentinian artist who did a lot of creative work here in Vilcabamba. This place is really attracting a lot of sociopaths …. have no idea why. […]
  • Ecuador: Kidnapped Reporters Dead April 13, 2018 reported three Ecuadorian journalists who were abducted by dissident Colombian rebels have been murdered, Ecuador’s president confirmed on Friday. Lenín Moreno offered a reward of $100,000 for information that leads to the capture of the rogue guerrilla leader known by the alias “Guacho”, who is believed to be responsible for the abduction and murder […]
  • Ecuador: Public Transport Safety, How to avoid a kidnap express March 29, 2018
    PUBLIC TRANSPORT SECURITY SAFETY ISSUES IN ECUADOR GOV.UK – fco Transport safety There has been an increase in robberies on interstate transport and at bus stations, especially Quito, Baños and Latacunga tourist towns. Most incidents took place at night. Where possible you should avoid travelling by road after dark. Cases involving British nationals have been […]
  • Portoviejo, Ecuador: In Four Days alleged fake police committing home robberies March 25, 2018 / In just four days, criminals pretending to be police officers committed three robberies in homes. The victims said they filed complaints with the authorities and hope that this will be investigated and the assailants will be captured. María (protected name) is one of those harmed. She said that at noon on Monday, when […]
  • Briceño, Manabi, Ecuador: Home Invasion of Expats residence (Video) March 22, 2018
    HOME BELONGING TO U.S. EXPAT INVADED/CANADIAN ASSUALTED LINK TO THE VIDEO OF THIS HOME INVASION IS BELOW ARTICLE ———————————————————————————– In an exclusive interview with one of the victims of this home invasion in Ecuador, a detailed account is revealed of this harrowing ordeal for three expats from the U.S. and Canada. This event took place […]
  • Expat states concerns about medical care in Ecuador March 13, 2018
    This is an opinion and observation  in general about health care in Ecuador for current and future expats. This expat recently visited the U.S. regarding medical issues and shares the thoughts of her medical team and the care she is receiving in Ecuador. The post is from social media and the name of the individual […]
  • Ecuador: Former Minister Admits to Taking Bribe from Odebrecht March 2, 2018
    Mosquera: ‘I come to apologize to Ecuador and confess the crime’ – machine translated Sara Ortiz “I come to apologize to Ecuador and confess the crime .” With this message, the former Minister of Electricity Alecksey Mosquera began his statement in the lawsuit for money laundering that takes place this Friday, March 2, 2018 […]
  • Quito, Ecuador: Ranks as one of most dangerous cities per new report February 27, 2018 / Helen Coffey / ECONOMICS INTELLIGENCE UNIT With regards to the criteria, digital security relates to smart city technology and how well-protected it is. “As ‘smart cities’ connect their infrastructure to broadband Internet, wirelessly enabled sensors, big data and analytics, they are becoming more vulnerable to cyber-attack if security measures are not widely […]
  • Horrific Vehicle Accident Los Ríos Province Ecuador February 26, 2018
    Los Ríos Province. A double-cab pickup truck slammed into a milk delivery truck according to the newspaper El Telégrafo. At least least 11 individuals died in the horrific accident. Some of dead are children. The mishap was on the road from Babahoyo to Jujan. Initial reports indicate that the pickup may have blown a tire. […]
  • Quito, Ecuador: Woman Victim of “Cambiazo” at ATM Machine (Video) February 17, 2018
    We all at some point have had trouble with an ATM machine. You punch and prod the buttons but somehow you cannot figure out what is wrong. Someone near you offers to assist you in conducting the transaction. Words of Advice – DON’T ACCEPT THEIR HELP – You most likely are being set up for […]
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador: Conjunctivitis Outbreak Sending Hundreds for Treatment February 17, 2018
    The health centers report the arrival of patients with the infection in their eyes, conjunctivitis is contagious. By Eva Acosta Cases of ‘patada china’ increase in Guayaquil The health centers report the arrival of patients with the infection in their eyes, conjunctivitis is contagious. By Eva Acosta Thursday, February 15, 2018, at 13:03 Cases of […]
  • Ecuador Asks Colombia To Protect Border From Guerrilla Dissenters February 15, 2018
    According to official figures, there are a total of 7,000 Ecuadorian troops in the border area with Colombia. Ecuador’s defense minister, Patricio Zambrano, asked the Colombian government to safeguard the border to prevent residual groups of the demobilized guerrilla of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) from trying to enter Ecuadorian territory. “The conflict […]
  • Ecuador: Bus Driver Fired After Video Goes Viral After Checking Cell Phone While Driving (Video) February 15, 2018
    BUS DRIVER FIRED AFTER CHECKING CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING- VIDEO GOES VIRAL Most anyone who has used long distance buses in Ecuador have viewed unsafe driving practices by drivers. Here is a case where a driver was held accountable for placing his passengers at risk of injury or death. A bus driver with the Cooperativa […]
  • Venezuela: Entire Health Care System on Verge of Collapse February 2, 2018 / The Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela estimates the country is suffering from an 85 percent shortage of medicine amid an economic crisis also marked by severe hyperinflation and food scarcity. The entire Venezuelan health care system is on the verge of collapse, says Francisco Valencia, head of the public health advocacy group Codevida. Some […]
  • Pan Am-Grace Flying Boat crashes in route from Guayaquil Ecuador to Panama (1937) February 2, 2018
    Pan-American-Grace Airwways was a pioneer in air travel throughtout much of Latin America. Many remininensce about the nostalgic times of the great Pan American clipper ships flying high ito the Andes and to the coastal areas where the beautiful Sikorsky S-43 would transport passengers in style and comfort. On Monday August 2nd, 1937, eleven passengers […]