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  • Cuenca Ecuador: Two U.S. Citizens found dead in Apartment January 18, 2018
    BREAKING STORY: January 17th, 2018, two U.S. Citizens/Expats found dead in apartment – Male 59 Cuban/American, Female age 56 from U.S. Under investigation, fiscal gave no opinion as to cause of death. Awaiting autopsy – apartment found intact. Ivan Velesaca(Source) Pareja de esposos extranjeros fueron hallados muertos en un edificio en #Cuenca. [Video] Fiscal provincial […]
  • Ecuador: Protester Verbally Dresses Down Correa Body Guards taking pictures of her license plate (Video) January 16, 2018
    Radio Dinámica Ec CUENCA, ECUADOR Bodyguards of Rafael Correa take a picture of the license plates of a citizen in Cuenca protesting outside the hotel where Correa was “cornered”. The woman denounces the former president and his entourage of what could happen to her and her family. SOME OF THE SLANG USED IN THIS VIDEO […]
  • Galapagos, Islands Ecuador: Lost U.S. Tourist Found Safe Via 911 Service January 15, 2018
    81 YEAR OLD TOURIST FROM U.S. FOUND SAFE, DEHYDRATED Lost tourist in Santa Cruz was located by coordination of the 911 ECU At around 4:43 pm on Saturday, January 13, a US citizen contacted the 9-1-1 emergency line to report that she was missing in the El Chato sector, on the upper part of Santa […]
  • Ecuador: Video of Police Assaulting Suspect on the Ground January 15, 2018
  • Peru: Off of Coast 7.1 earthquake, deaths, damage reported January 14, 2018 / A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck near the coast of Peru early Sunday, leaving at least one person dead and causing damages and power outages. The epicenter was 42 kilometers (26 miles) south-southwest of the small town Acari in the Arequipa district, with the earthquake hitting at 0918 GMT (4:18 a.m. EST) at a depth of […]
  • Academic Calls for Invasion of Venezuela January 8, 2018
    AMERICANTHINKER.COM Invade Venezuela and get it over with, top Harvard academic says By Monica Showalter Ricardo Hausmann is no typical academic. This past week, he suggested in an article that a foreign invasion may be the only way out for Venezuela’s collapsing socialist regime. The respected Venezuelan economist who is a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy […]
  • Corruption Within Ecuador’s 911 Emergency System? A Missing Report January 8, 2018 (MACHINE TRANSLATED) It exists, but nobody finds it. The first version of the report DAAC-0058-2017 of the Comptroller General of the State, which determined criminal liability for overpricing in the construction of six headquarters of the ECU-911, does not appear. The document, published by EXPRESO in December, detailed the results of the examination conducted […]
  • Ecuador: Drug Trafficking Statistics January 8, 2018
    IN RECENT TIMES AS MAY AS 10,000 IDIVIDUALS HAVE BEEN DETAINED FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING OFFENSES / ECUADOR IS A MAJOR CORRIDOR FOR LOGISTICS IN THE DRUG TRADE (machine translated) Drug trafficking in its macro and micro variants has been installed in the country. There is no day when you do not realize the events […]
  • Quito Ecuador: ALERT – Ultraviolet Radiation Index Very High Levels January 8, 2018
    ELCOMERCIO.COM / The morning and afternoon of this Sunday, January 7, 2018, high and extremely high rates of ultraviolet (UV) radiation were presented in Quito in the Inter-Andean alley, according to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi) on twitter. CURRENT UV READINGS FOR QUITO THINKING OF MOVING OR RETIRING TO ECUADOR – THIS […]
  • Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Canadian Tourist Viciously Attacked By Knife Wielding Tourist from Ireland January 5, 2018
    ATTEMPTED MURDER / ASSAULT WITH A SWITCHBLADE This first hand account of an alleged brutal attack on a tourist from Canada by another tourist from Northern Ireland is shared in the victims own words. ———————- “I am Sheryl MacDonald, a Canadian female tourist. I have been in Vilcabamba since mid November. On Friday December 22, […]
  • Ambato, Ecuador: Grizzly scene of newborn being devoured by pack of dogs January 3, 2018 (machine translated) Part of the skull of a baby, probably newborn, was found inside a private plot, where the dogs devoured the rest of his body. This shocking event was discovered at approximately 09:00 on Thursday by the owner of the place, located in the Jesús del Gran Poder district, of Miñarica Bajo, of […]
  • Ecuador: Former President Correa to Return January 4th to fight “Treason”, “Particracy” January 2, 2018 / (MACHINE TRANSLATED)Through his Twitter account, former president Rafael correa confirmed that he will return to Ecuador on January 4. “I am going to my homeland on January 4, to be with my comrades in this fight against treason and partycracy, even victory always!” He wrote in the social network. The morning of today […]
  • Tourist/Expat Murdered in Mexico January 2, 2018
    An American shot dead in a Mexican beach resort has been identified as an official from a Southern California city. The city of Imperial Beach says in a statement that its Administrative Services Director Doug Bradley was killed Thursday while vacationing in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. The township includes the neighboring resort of Ixtapa. The death came […]
  • Costa Rica: Ten U.S. Citizens Perish in Plane Crash January 2, 2018
    CNN.COM – A spokesperson for the US State Department confirmed the deaths of “multiple US citizens.” “We express our condolences to all those affected by this tragedy. We are in contact with Costa Rican aviation authorities and will continue to monitor the situation,” the spokesperson said. It was not immediately clear what caused the crash, […]
  • Mexico: A unique tour demonstrating the pervasiveness of corruption January 2, 2018
    Corruption in Mexico runs the gamut from daily annoyances — a police officer shaking you down for a few bucks to avoid a traffic ticket, a city inspector demanding a bribe not to shut down a business — to shocking scandals involving government contracts worth billions of dollars. The Corruptour first launched in 2014 in […]