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  • Ecuador: Woman apparently dies of cardiac arrest, dogs eat her face March 25, 2017
    An older adult was found dead in the Las Playas hamlet and part of her face would have been eaten by dogs. translated – The woman, identified as Zoila Jiménez Tenelema, 66, would have died because of “force majeure (suspected cardiorespiratory arrest),” according to the police. Before the call of the ECU 911 Ambato, […]
  • Ecuador: Dead Man Found Floating Down River Tied to a Toilet March 25, 2017
    A man was found dead in Portoviejo, tied to a toilet / Neptalí Palma (machine translated) Portoviejo With a machete the cape was tied yesterday that tied the man’s body with a toilet. A man’s body floated yesterday on the Portoviejo River. The find caught the attention of users, but even more surprised what […]
  • Ecuador: Authorities Seize Cocaine Shipment Destined for Syria March 25, 2017
    Ecuadorian group to send cocaine to Syria (machine translated) Unusual destinations for drug shipments have detected the police following several seizures of alkaloids in recent weeks. Interior Minister Diego Fuentes reported Friday through his Twitter account of the disarticulation of a narcodelictiva organization that tried to send drugs to Syria. “Disrupted organization of international […]
  • Galapagos Islands: Six Tourists Rescued After Being Trapped by Intense Rains March 25, 2017 reported six tourists who were lost at the height of Puerto Chino, on the island of San Cristóbal, were rescued on the afternoon of March 23 by members of the National Police and San Cristóbal Fire Department. The ECU 911 reported that intense rainfall caused a strong current in this sector. Citizens were trapped […]
  • Galapagos Islands: Two Missing Tourists Found Safe March 25, 2017
    The two tourists (Ecuadorian mother and son) who have been missing in the Galápagos Islands since Wednesday, were found alive this morning (Friday). They were discovered in a turtle nesting zone on Santa Cruz Island. Rangers followed fresh footprints to locate the pair. Mother and son were taken by helicopter to Puerto Ayora where they […]
  • Jujan, Guayas Ecuador neighborhoods evacuated because of river overflowing March 25, 2017 reported at least a dozen neighborhoods in Jujan, in the province of Guayas, were affected by the Yellow River (Río Amarillo) overflow. In some sectors, the inhabitants evacuated their homes because the water level reached 60 cm. Of height. They are concerned that there is no sewer system to drain excess water. Staff of […]
  • Ecuador: Trial Set for Shaman in Death of U.S. Citizen Leslie Allison during ayahuasca cermony March 25, 2017
    Hearing of the case for the death of Leslie Allison will be in Macas Morona Santiago Province Ecuador VISTAZO.COM reported the following on March 24, 2017 1. Leslie Allison a U.S. citizen died during an ayahuasca ceremony on January 14, 2016, in Gualaquiza, Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador. 2. A trial hearing is set in the […]
  • Cuenca, Ecuador: Rains impacting homes and road blockages March 24, 2017 Ochoa (machine translated) reported…. Increased flows in rivers and streams, water access to homes and small landslides in several interparroquial roads are reported from 02:30 on Friday, when rains intensified in Cuenca. One of the sectors most affected is the north of the city, with the blockade of the road that leads to the […]
  • Family of Dead American goes to Ecuador to attend trial of Shaman in Ayahuasca case March 24, 2017
    AUTOPSY SHOWED LESLIE ALLISON DIED AS A RESULT OF A BROKEN NECK SHAMAN CHARGED WITH CULPABLE HOMICIDE By Pooja Lodhia Thursday, March 23, 2017 10:39PM BAY CITY, Texas (KTRK) – A Bay City family is heading to Ecuador, hoping to learn more about how their loved one died. 35-year-old Leslie Allison died last year while […]
  • One Man’s Look at Safety and Security in Ecuador “no one cares about you here” March 23, 2017
    It Doesn’t Always Glitter. You’re on Your Own in Quito (opinion) / I’ve mainly written about both Quito and South America from a positive perspective (save for my experience with the Ecuadorian National Police on the way out of Ecuador last year) and by-and-large it has been a very positive experience. Nevertheless, you need […]
  • Geologist Searching for Two Lost Cities of Gold in Ecuador March 23, 2017
    Kitco News)/Neils Christensen – The geologist behind Lundin Gold’s Fruta del Norte, a nearly 5 million ounce gold project, is heading back into the Ecuadorian jungles to find potentially two “Lost Cities of Gold.” While the proposal sounds like a script for a new Indiana Jones movie, geologist Keith Barron, president of Aurania Resources (TSX.V: […]
  • Ecuador: Ban on Election Polls in place until election date March 23, 2017 – Quito, March 23 (Prensa Latina) From today, a closure period for the dissemination of polls in the face of the second round of presidential elections scheduled for April 2 rules in Ecuador. Until yesterday 23:59 (local time), the consulting companies accredited by the National Electoral Council (CNE) were able to disclose the results […]
  • Cuenca, Ecuador: Senior Citizen Shot, robbed of $10,000 near market March 22, 2017
    Elderly man shot in leg, subjects on motorcycles steal $ 10,000 in Cuenca, Ecuador – one suspect taken into custody after police search. (machine translated) reported an elderly man was the victim of an assault on Viracochabamba Avenue and Quillanan Street (near Mercado 12 de Abril) in Cuenca. Two men on a motorcycle approached […]
  • Targeting of Civilian Aircrafts in South America March 21, 2017
    Forewarned War: The Targeting of Civilian Aircrafts in South America and the Inter-American Human Rights System Alonso Gurmendi Dunkelberg INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK Abstract Throughout the War on Drugs, South American governments have fought a difficult and many times losing battle against drug trafficking. Lack of resources and policing capabilities have […]
  • Sucumbios, Ecuador: Yellow Fever case confirmed March 21, 2017 – In Ecuador, the IHR National Focal Point of Ecuador reported a confirmed case of yellow fever to PAHO/WHO; the case is a 31-year-old male patient in the province of Sucumbios, which borders Colombia. Prior to this case, the last confirmed yellow fever case in Ecuador was reported in 2012 in the province of […]