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  • Ecuador’s Greatest Conman Scams Swiss Tourists June 28, 2017
    Ecuador’s Greatest Conman Scams Swiss Tourists From the Upcoming Book ECUATROCITY by Nicholas Crowder. Scam artists exist around the world and Ecuador is no exception. One of the most unique scams happened back in 1980, in the port city of Guayaquil. A couple of tourists from Switzerland were amazed at the beautiful Moorish style clock […]
  • Cuenca Ecuador, Victim of Unbridled Growth according to Architect June 28, 2017 (Machine Translated) When planning the city lack philosophical order, says expert; Pleads For balance between ecology and human action. The growth of the city in the last years has occurred in an unbridled way and without a philosophical or “ecosfico” order (according to the ecosophy). There is only one economic order when doing business […]
  • Ecuador on alert for Foot and Mouth Disease after detection in Colombia June 28, 2017
    Víctor Gómez/ELUNIVERSO.COM Ecuador on alert for foot and mouth deisease after cases reported in COlombiavwaa8boj.jpg Ecuador will intensify the control of the sanitary guide of cattle mobilization, added the county director zone 1 of Agrocalidad. Sucumbíos - Ecuador has put itself on alert and takes preventive measures to avoid a possible contagion of foot-and-mouth disease […]
  • Seth Thomas Death Peru: Autopsy rules young hiker died from head trauma June 27, 2017
    RPP Noticias Authorities surmise that Seth Thomas age 24, from the U.S. died as a result of head injuries caused by a fall of at least 100 meters from a precipice, while hiking in Cusco Peru. They don’t believe he was a victim of an assault or robbery. His belongings including cell phone, driver’s license, […]
  • Cotacachi, Ecuador: Dozens Injured in Inti Raymi Celebrations (Videos) June 26, 2017
    Videos of this past weekend of neighborhood fights between different factions in what many call the small tranquil village of Cotacachi, Ecuador. This time of year are the traditional Inti Raymi celebrations. There are numerous injuries. Celebrations and or fights will continue next weekend. SAFETY, SECURITY, HEALTH IN ECUADOR – THIS IS ONE BOOK THAT […]
  • Ecuador: Reventador Volcano Shows Increased Activity June 26, 2017
    Reventador Volcano The Geophysical Institute (IG) of the National Polytechnic School warned today of a change in the behavior of the volcano Reventador, which for some months had a “high” activity. The IG said that since Thursday afternoon has recorded seismic tremors and pyroclastic flows (red rocks) that have raised emissions or clouds with […]
  • Cuenca Ecuador: Illegal Banking Operation shutdown, some expats may be impacted June 26, 2017
    CUENCAHIGHLIFE.COM reported Hundreds of Cuenca investors, including some North American expats, may be victims of an illegal banking operation shut down over the weekend. Police began making arrests Friday and seized office equipment and vehicles Saturday belonging to MTCoin Banco del Futura (Bank of the Future) at the firm’s offices in Cuenca and Santa Isabel. […]
  • Puembo, Ecuador: Video Shows Hit and Run Accident of Moped Driver June 26, 2017
    Riding around with Journeyman Jack in Puembo, Ecuador near the Quito airport Dashcam Footage Hit & Run SUN 25 JUL17 Puembo, Ecuador, a taxi zooms by Jack, and then a black SUV with no license plates zooms around Journeyman Jack’s vehicle, driving at imprudent speed in a secondary neighborhood road. The driver of the SUV […]
  • Colombia – Tragic, ferry boat sinks with 170 on board, 9 dead 28 missing (Video) June 26, 2017
    Colombia: At least 9 dead after sinking ship carrying 170 tourists INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK Nine people were killed and 28 people missing after the wreck of the “El Almirante” tourist boat, which occurred in the Guatapé reservoir, about 80 kilometers northwest of Medellín, according to official sources. “Initially 99 […]
  • Quito Ecuador: ” Get Out of Here” Yell Patrons in Restaurant at Former President Correa (Video) June 25, 2017
    FORMER PRESIDENT CORREA BOOTED OUT OF RESTAURANT AMID SHOUTS BY CUSTOMERS The former president Rafael Correa could not be attended in a restaurant, his presence generated the rejection of the attendees and had to leave the premises amid the cries of ‘Fuera (outside) Correa, outside’. Restaurant diners in quito restaurant forces President Correa to leave. […]
  • U.S. Medical Student Seth Thomas found dead, hiking accident in Cusco Peru June 25, 2017
    MEDICAL STUDENT SETH THOMAS FOUND DECEASED – SERVING AS MEDICAL VOLUNTEER IN PERU After extensive searching for 24 year old medical student, Seth Alexander Thomas from the United States, he was found deceased on June 25, 2017, in the Cusco Department of Peru. Seth had begun a hike Friday afternoon on June 23, 2017, to […]
  • Missing U.S. Medical Student in Cusco, Peru June 24, 2017
    JUNE 25, 2017 6:30 PM EASTERN – UPDATE ON MISSING U.S. MEDICAL STUDENT – FOUND DECEASED FROM HIKING MISHAP – READ UPDATE HERE URGENT – MISSING U.S. MEDICAL STUDENT IN LARAPA, CUSCO PERU On June 23, 2017, 24 year-old second year U.S. medical student Seth Alexander Thomas began a hike from Lara, Peru in Cusco […]
  • Santa Elena Ecuador: Mayor Victim of Armed Robbery in Gated Community June 23, 2017 (machine translated) Six armed men entered at 03:00 today, Thursday, June 22 at the home of the mayor of Santa Elena, Dionicio Gonzabay Salinas , and assaulted him, according to a police report. Gonzabay told investigators that while he was resting with his wife, armed men entered the bedroom to intimidate and tie them; […]
  • Ecuador: Five Dead, at least 12 Injured in Horrific Bus Accident (Video) June 23, 2017
    vía Santo Domingo- Quevedo, Bus Accident Leaves Five Dead and Many injured, Bolivar Velasco/ (machine translated) reported the emergency units of ECU 911 in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas , west of Ecuador , attended this Friday June 23, 2017 a traffic accident between an interprovincial transport bus and a vehicle . The road accident […]
  • U.S. / Brazilian National Murdered in Ecuador (Feb. 2016), Suspected of Money Laundering June 22, 2017
    U.S. / Brazilian National Murdered in Ecuador Marcello Mello, age 46, lived in a suburban area of St. Louis, Missouri. In February of 2016, he was on a business trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador when things went terribly wrong. He was kidnapped along with a friend, taken to a vacant lot on February 19th, 2017 and […]