La Casa Rosa Restaurant in Olón, Ecuador

Enjoy Olón: La Casa Rosa Vegetarian Restaurant, OLÓN

La Casa Rosa in Olón is one of the nicest restaurants in town. Serving breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner, La Casa Rosa offers Vegetarian and Hebrew food with a great variety and delicious taste!

La Casa Rosa is a great place to enjoy food for the Body or Soul! They regularly organize Healing Sessions, Meditation and many more events. Contact them via the Facebook page mentioned below!

Israeli Breakfast  
2 eggs, Israeli Salad, home-made Jam or Honey and (usually) French Baguette.
Eggs poached in tomatoes, garlic, onions,chilli peppers, and peppers.
Spiced with Cumin, Paprika and fresh parsley and served with French Baguette.
Power Bowl
Fruit salad of all kinds, topped with Chia seeds, Sesame seeds, Flax, and raw Chocolate.
Served with Oats and Chocolate sauce or Honey. 
Combo Meal
Israeli breakfast or Power Bowl served with Café Americano or Espresso.


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