Cabañas Rio Yambala, Vilcabamba, LOJA

Enjoy Ecuador: Visit Cabañas Rio Yambala in Vilcabamba, LOJA

The Cabañas Rio Yambala in Vilcabamba have some of the nicest places to stay in the middle of the tropical cloud forests of the Valley of Longlevity! Unobstructed views into the jungle, with an incredible amount of bird and wildlife for you or your entire family or group of friends to explore. Located at a convenient 5 minutes taxi-ride (or 45 minutes Hike) from Vilcabamba, you are in a zone of comfort, as close as possible to the wildlife!

 This area is very private, all cabins have great views of the forest and are very peaceful and quiet! 

Facilities include Wi-Fi, hot water, in a variery of very nicely decorated and comfortably large Private Cabins. Parking is available, as are taxis, and you are in the middle of the wildlife! Contact the lovely family that has been running this business for over 25 years for any question and/or reservations:

Click here to go to the website and contact Rio Yambala!