Hostal MACAW, Guayaquil Airport, GUAYAS

Enjoy Ecuador: Visit Hostal Macaw near the Airport of Guayaquil, GUAYAS

Hostal Macaw offers spacious rooms with attention to detail, on a 3-floor property not far from the Guayaquil Airport and Bus Terminal. Ideal for travelers to spend just the night when arriving or leaving from Guayaquil, it is also a nice place to spend a few extra day, if you enjoy exploring Guayaquil!

Offering a customized service and a cozy interior, Hostal Macaw and it's staff is proud to bring the traveler an alternative to the regular airport Hotels in the same neighbourhood, such as the Hilton and the Sheraton. Hostal Macaw, just like us at Rincón d'Olón, know a satisfied customer depends on 100% original arduous team-work!

Hostal Macaw near Guayaquil Airport also served meals on request, and offers city-tours and other acitvities for their guests. Airport-pickups by the hotel itself is also offered!

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